Sacred Hill Beacon (near view) found at Castle Peak (far view)

Sat, 06/30/2018 - 22:41

The Sacred Hill Beacon was built in Qing Dynasty (circa 1668) for coastal marine defence system. 21 beacons had been built totally and 16 are located along the coastal area of Shenzhen and  5 nos. in Hong Kong. 

Sacred Hill Beacon is one of the above 5 nos and is located at the 2nd summit of Castle Peak on which a trigo station is rested nowaday. This photo shows outer body of beacon and the backdrop of the top summit of Castle Peak. The trigo station is established by taking the advantage of the beacon body for holding the trigo's concrete foundation base.

Beacon is construted by slab stones stacking up high from gound to about 1.6m high and roughly 2m diameter. It is hollow inside in its original form but was covered by concrete slab of the trigo in this modern era.


Date picture taken
11 Nov 2008