Lai Chi Kok Bay and Beach, 1955

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 01:16
Date picture taken


Greetings.  Nice to see this spot again!  The shadows cast by the sun suggests this photo was taken in late morning or afternoon when the place should be busy with beach-goers and boaters, unless this was out of the swimming season.  My memory tells it was at high tide.  Regards,   Peter 

Thanks Klaus.  This photo is special as it is a close up view of the path I walked from Sham Shui Po, the concrete wall and its opening, the gravel/sand pile, and the young tree.  While water has reached the wall, my conclusion about high tide might not be accurate because the beach was to the right and a bit further up inland.  Regards,  Peter

Thanks TJ for your feedback.  I assume your question refers to the long structure sitting on piles on this page.

My visits to the beach were confined to the 1950s best reflected in the 1956 map -

The map shows three swimming pavilians along the end of Lai Chi Kok Beach Road 海灘道.  The man page for the beach shows several photos in the 1950s and 1960s.  They sat on piles to privide easy access from the road, and charged a small fee for storage and shower.  The building in this photo was closest to the amusement park (1950 photo) but not necessarily one of the three pavillians.

The long side of these buildings were parallel to the road (1956 map), so were their roof pitch (1955 photo).  The one in this photo was long and sat normal to the road, which might be deceiving as there was a sharp bend of the road at this spot.  So, the 1956 map did not capture this structure, and I have never entered it or looked inside.   Regards, Peter