Boris Milenko with friends, other HKU engineering students and nursing students 1938

Sat, 01/20/2018 - 13:57

Boris Milenko with friends, other HKU students and nursing students from the Queen Mary Hospital, 1938.  Boris standing close to centre of the photo.

Date picture taken


Several familiar faces from my mother's prewar album. Not all were nurses. Standing centre I believe is piano teacher Alvena Laihovetsky aged about 20. I particularly recognise the girl at far left and and the girl next to Alvena. Will try to find their names. Seated second from left would be Elena Laihovetsky, secretary, aged about 18. Will dig out some of my mother's similar pics.           - Geoff Wellstead


Michael - regrettably no.

Curious though to receive an email from your cousin recently seeking to make contact with you. He used an anglicised Russian rendering of my aunt's and mother's maiden surname as 'Layhovezkaya', which suggests he is a  predominantly Russian-speaker whereas I have presumed you to be in Australia given your father lived latterly on the Northern Beaches.


Hi Geoff,

After a lengthy break, I'm having a go at updating names with old photos. Have you had any success with the names of other people in these photos? There is clearly a music link and Nick Townley's father (known as Tonoff at the time) in Kowloon may be the main connection, especially as he had a photographic studio plus his expertise with violin.



Afraid nothing more, Michael - whilst I recognised some faces, I have not been able to turn up the photos I would have seen them in.

Common music interests are a possibility. Alvena and Elena/Helen studied piano with Maestro Elisio Gualdi in Nathan Rd. Could also have been non-English backgrounds, HKU/CBS connections, Kowloon orientation, ?St Andrews Church youth group.

Sorry I can't help you more!