Sat, 01/06/2018 - 21:37

Not sure whether this is HK, although I think I recognise the mountains in the background (the Kowloon hills?). Buildings in background look like a camp of some kind - possibly Chinese characters on them but unfortunately the picture is a bit fuzzy. Maybe taken in the 1950s, judging by the cars in the background? [Edit: have put 1950 date, based on description of this photo set by the seller.]

Date picture taken


the low hills reminds me more of the terrain in the north NT, around Sheung Shui/Fanling or perhaps Yuen Long areas.

Yes Phil, good point, these hills seem quite a lot lower than the Kowloon ones. I'm sure I've seen the same outline in the background of another photo on Gwulo, but can't remember where - will keep looking! Cheers, Liz

This view from Google Maps may show the location of the huts in the photo above:

However, the huts in the 1950s photo have probably been replaced since then, as they are much longer and have slightly different facades. A clue that they have replaced earlier huts on the same site is given by the footpaths leading from the road to the side of the hut (see here, to approximately where the original doors would have been (but now there are just windows, so these paths seem to lead nowhere).

I'm still not certain whether this vantage point matches the original one, but I think Phil is correct regarding the location (see his comments here: