Sat, 11/25/2017 - 17:18

Text on Flickr:

Upper left photo showing the Town Gas SOUTH Works in late 50s.

 Upper right photo showing the same Works in 60s, which remained essentially the same.

 The middle 2 pictures do reveal drastic change in plant layout within the same South Works, the ‘Segas’ Oil Gasification Plant on the right of the left-hand-side photo (commissioned after 1966) had replaced the coal retort plant and the coal stockpiling yard that can be seen on the middle right photo (taken in 1964)

 The South Works was demolished in early 90s and become private housing development – the Grand Waterfront

 The naphtha gasification plant (lower right photo) that replaced the ‘Segas’ plant which used to gasify Heavy Oil until 1977, can be seen idling due to 100% replacement of naphtha by LNG now, but the full set of 6 naphtha gasification units are still standing neatly on the NORTH Works, with scheduled occasion test-runs in the evening to keep them in working order (2010).

 Also see this for the same SOUTH Works in later years -

 With the gradual decline in carbon monoxide content (coal gas >10%, town gas from naphtha ~1.5 % and natural gas – 0 %), the successful rate of committing suicide by gassing was found to be declined !

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