Old wall in Kowloon, 1925

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Old wall in Kowloon, 1925

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To see similar walsl one could go to Tung Chung Fort.  It's of a much smaller scale but the structure is still substancially big.  Actually both sites were built in the Qing Dynasty so the craftmanship should be smilar.

If you want something more like the former Kowloon Walled City, you would have to go to Da Pang Fortress in Shenzhen.



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The hill is called 'Pak Hok Shan' (白鶴山, White Crane Hill) and two rocks on it had names -- Yau Sin Ngam (遊仙巖, Visiting Deity Rock) and Kau Yi Shek (交椅石, Chair Stone, rumoured to have been used as the throne of the penultimate emperor of the Song Dynasty).  Location of the triangular area surrounded by the walls is present-day Mei Tung Estate.  Remnants of the hill exist in the Chinese Christian Cemetery on Junction Road.


Old photographs of the area can be seen here and here.  Recent photographs are here including a photograph of Triangulation Station 124 at the peak.