'We Came Down the Mountain' from Sunset Peak, Lantau Island. August 1948. Copyright Crozier family.

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Douglas, Corin, and Ann Crozier, departing Lantau Island after a stay in the mountains at Sunset Peak, August 1948. Copyright Crozier Family. 

Date picture taken
24 Aug 1948


I remember Corin.  She was a very good friend of my older sister's, Eve Atkinson, at KGV and Mrs. Crozier taught me at Peak School. Of all my older sisters' friends she was one of my favourites and Mrs. Crozier was a very good teacher.  

I can also remember Corin Crozier from my school years when we were classmates at KGV in U6. I will try to post the only digital photo I have showing her in the annual prefects photo in 1954. She was standing immediately behind the Headmaster, Arthur L. Potter, and I was sitting next to him on his left.

I can also remember Julian Crozier who was, I think, her brother. I think he went back to the UK to finish his education.

I can identify quite a few others in the photo if anyone is interested.

Best Regards to everyone.

KGV Prefects 1953-54
File1130.jpg, by franwall

We had returned to New Zealand when this photo was taken so Eve was no longer at KGV then.  There were two others in the 'group' that Eve was friendly with that I remember: Beryl Parker and Wilma someone who is now in Queensland.  Eve, who died a couple of years ago, recently had some contact with Wilma and I will try and find out Wilma's surname.  Do you remember Beryl and Wilma at all? I would be very interested to know if they are in the photo.   And yes, Corin's brother was called Julian.