China Fleet Club menu early 50s.

Sun, 07/16/2017 - 02:58

Thought you might like these photos, probably from the late 40s or early 50s. I found the menu in my dad's things after he died.

Peter Ralph French.
Peter Ralph French., by Simon French

My father, Peter French, joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Seaman at St. Vincent in Portsmouth on 29th April 1947 aged 15 years and 7 months.

He was discharged on 11 January 1957 as a Petty Officer Electrician and was then in the RN Reserve (but never active) until 10 September 1961.

His record shows that he left the UK on the 10th June 1948. I know for a fact that a ship he was on was involved in the Yangtze Incident in 1949 so was stationed in the Far East around this time.

He wasn't on the Amethyst but served on HMS Hart which was patrolling the mouth of the Yangstze, apparently it wasn't a very nice place to be as a young AB Seaman in 1949, something that would come back to effect him in later life.

It would have been around this time he would have visited the China Fleet Club. 

He went on to serve on various ships such as Drake, Orion, Illustrious, and the Carrier Eagle. Whilst in the navy  he was taught to box by the one and only Randolph Turpin. 

He wanted to serve on submarines but was unable to sign on. The story goes because he only had a green pen and the papers had to be signed in black he missed the deadline. 

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Simon, I have had a trawl through some of the photos this afternoon and came across your fathers menu from the early 1950's.

I arrived in HK April 1962 with my parents. We stayed for 30 years and the menu remained almost the same until the Fleet Club moved to a very nice new building.

The prices are very familiar to me. We visited the restaurant on the 1st or 2nd floor almost every month as it was very convenient for the barbers, shops and always a good snack and Banana Fritter.

Thanks for posting your Dad's menu.

My father worked for the Buildings Ordinance Office Hysan Av, Causeway Bay on his first tour 1962 -65, PWD Central   Government Offices 1965 68, Housing Authority Sam Po kong 1968-88.

My brothers and I went to Quarry Bay Primary, Peak School, prep school in Sussex and Morrisons Academy Boarding School in Scotland.

I still get a Christmas card from the headmistress of Peak School, Miss Pauline Young. She has retired to a village outside Edinburgh. She won't mind me telling you...

 I can say the Empire was a glorious benefit to the Chinese who were starved to death by a Communism that had no idea of the pain it was inflicting on its people.

I would love to see more understanding regarding the courage of everyone who has some history with Hk