Pan American-CNAC group sheltering

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 17:24

Looking remarkably unperturbed while sheltering from the Japanese attacks going on at the airport just behind them, a Pan Am/CNAC group including Chuck Sharp with dog at left, Captain Ralph commander of the destroyed Pan Am Clipper, “Pop” Kessler at rear, Elva “Maj” Woods consular secretary,

and Emil Scott pose for a photograph

Date picture taken
8 Dec 1941


I have previously seen another photograph of the same scene. The other appears here Please scroll. The group appear to be seated to the opening of an air raid shelter showing steps leading down.  There is another man in the photo seated below "Maj".

I am amused that they had a camera with them and were taking 'Selfies' in such circumstances

The guy on the right seems to have a clockwork miniature cine camera in his hands in one of the images. I wonder if the film survived the war?