Broadway's Neighbour 百老匯 (MK) Clothing Store

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 11:06

This clothing store was located between the two entrances to Broadway Theatre (Mong Kok).  It was a good place to browse around when you show up too early for your movie.  The entrance on the left was for front row seatings,  and a theatre staff sold tickets from a small cubicle.

The store's name, literally translated, is "Four-Five-Six Iron Price Company", except that the third word sounds like the number six but written differently to mean something else, perhaps it means land.  The term "Iron Price" was very rarely used as a company name and I believe they chose it to say their price is not negotiable.   Photo source:

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Straining my eyes looking at the left panel above the cinema entrance, it seems to say "江湖思女", which does not make sense.  A search in HK Film Archive yields the closest match as "江湖兒女", a name that is much more sensible (English name of the film is The Show Must Go On).  Perhaps the way the third character was written varied a little with common usage nowadays.

The information of this Mandarin-speaking film is given here: (Chinese) (English)

The information gives the screening date as 15th August 1952.



The ad looks like your first guess breskvar, and I agree that it does not make sense, and if any, it refers to a single female character in the film.  The second guess is a catch-all about the younger generations of both sexes.

I cannot access the links you provide.  Do I have to sign up or register to read them?  Thanks.

Regards, Peter 

The HK Film Archive online search has this feature which refreshes the results after an hour or so.  So the link becomes expired soon after I posted it.  Take a look at the screen grab (zoom in) for the information of 江湖兒女 The Show Must Go On. 

The permanent link for the search page is  You can search by name or actor, film, genre, producer etc.


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