Kwong Chee Theatre

Wed, 03/29/2017 - 17:38

Title on Flickr: 廣智戲院開業於1919年,在六十年代後期拆卸 (Google translated = Kwong Chee Theatre opened in 1919 and was demolished in the late 1960s)

​No date is given, my guess is 1930's.

Date picture taken


Grretings Peter. Thank you for supporting. My knowledge on cinemas is very limited, but I find it always amazing when I find some on Flickr. I did not specifically search for ones I posted lately, they popped up during my search for photos around 1950 of the Peak Area. Regards, Klaus

You are very welcome, Klaus.  I enjoy looking at the photos you post at this site.

It wasn't too long ago that the "English" internet was invented, and it took a bit longer to enable us, to first to read Chinese and then post Chinese too.  The search engines today are very fast and smart too with the Chinese words.  If only I could have set up a computer for my father, he would have spent all day reading news and search for places of interest like we are doing now.  Regards,  Peter