1930 Steel Hangar Frame Erected for Kai Tak

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 08:29
Uploaded from "University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China",  reference number: BS-s23.  Uploaded with kind permission by the University of Bristol

Copyrighted image reproduced here with the permission of Teesside Archives. Teesside Archives (Exchange Square, Middlesbrough TS1 1DB, United Kingdom) own the original image. British Steel Archive Project (British Steel Collection) reference number 2446. Crown Agents for the Colonies - Kaitak Aerodrome (later Hong Kong airport) - Reg'n 4959. View in Bridge Yard and Construction Yard, Middlesbrough, England, of the assembled building frame, which was then taken apart and shipped to Hong Kong. Makers: Dorman, Long and Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough. Photograph by M. Wright, Middlesbrough

An interesting photograph. Given the year, the photo shows the steel framework for the first hangar at Kai Tak that was subsequently erected at the eastern end of the aerodrome. Later, it became known as the 'RAF hangar' after a civilian hangar was erected at the western portion of the airfield. Further notes from IDJ here

Date picture taken
1 Jun 1930