Aerial View of Kowloon Peninsula 1945

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 01:37

Uploaded from "University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China",  reference number: RB-t0868. Uploaded with kind permission by the University of Bristol.


Photograph by Air Vice-Marshal A.L. Fiddament, taken during a round the world fact finding trip.  Caption in Fiddament's notebook: "Hong Kong - from the air 26/11/45".  Photograph taken from Fiddament's Lancastrian (Royal Air Force Transport Command Avro Type 691 Lancastrian, serial number VM701), showing part of its wing.

 I believe it's the Kowloon Peninsula looking south with the Yau Ma Ti Typhoon Shelter right-hand side. In the far back, the Japanese War Memorial is just visible. At the the end of TST, the clocktower of the railway station can be spotted, too.

Date picture taken
26 Nov 1945


Nice view of the said area. Also confirms the absence of the Admiralty oil tanks as seen in this photo of Kowloon from circa 1945.