Mountain Lodge (1917)

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On Flickr: Title: Image from page 217 of "Journal of electricity" (1917). (View book online)

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ce of what Paradise issupposed to be. The buildings which line the pathways leadingfrom the Tram are of massive stone and brick con-struction built in the most substantial manner. Thismassiveness of construction is not without its neces-sities for the violent typhoons which visit Hong Kong R : a ?^y ALASKA >f,-p Dr MUKDEtJ N A rc7#f ■ ^K] Vf T 1 ^ \MORTH. AM Vfn ) A-fe :.,™V Sj* 5 •es S P A O 1 F / c OCEAN VI e : £ A N *^£-. uwnst>u£«t- & ) -AUSTRALIA ■ <■-■: ^ ■■--* w ^„ 00 Hong Kong and Other Oriental Ports 194 from time to time have truly demonstrated that onlythe most substantial structures can be safely dependedupon to withstand at all times their violence. Practi-cally all the materials used in their construction havetediously been drawn up the hill by Chinese womenwho today may be seen treading their way up thesteep pathways bearing burdens of sand and mortarfor the buildings now under construction. JOURNAL OF ELECTRICITY [Vol. XXXVIII—No. 6


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The Governors Residence on Top of the Peak To cap the climax of architectural and engineer-ing triumph two most palatial structures have beenbuilt upon the summit of Victoria Hill. The one isthe summer residence of the governor of Hong Kongand the other the Peak Hotel. At the latter place^nany local families occupy suites of rooms through-out the year and luxuriously enjoy the beauty ofscenery and air to be found upon the summit, whilethe men folk journey back and forth daily to theirwork in the business district precipitously below. American engineers, especially those of the elec-trical engineering professions, interested in develop-ment of suburban traffic, will do well to ponder overthe possibilities of similar precipitous hills outlyingtheir residential districts, for gigantic outlays of powerwith its profitable return is in many cases a possibil-ity although without knowledge of this daring butsuccessful precedent, one might well shrink from at-tempting its development. METERS F

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