Unknown Beach PB under construction..jpg

Sun, 12/11/2016 - 13:25
Date picture taken
1 Feb 1940


I'm not sure whether this has already been idientified previously but it looks very much like PB14 on the coast by Red Hill.  The curving steps up to the observation post follow the line of how they are today.  Andrew

Hi Andrew. Do you mean PB14 Brick Hill?   I do agree the photo does bear a resemblance to that PB for sure, except for the fact that the LL has a low stone wall next to the entrance (although this could have been added later)

Hi, Yes, I think that’s the pill box 14 at Brick Hill.  The wall beside the path up to the LL shelter could have been added later. Rob is the expert on that and on many of the other pill boxes. Andrew

Have my doubts about this being PB 14. That PB has a second wall on the side closest the LL Shelter which extends around the back, forming an enclosed channel possibly used as a cooling shaft, but not confirmed. This can also be seen at a number of Shelters, and some of the older battery magazines.


I was thinking about that since when I visited the pb i was actually foolish enough to squeeze in there. The pb doesnt look long enough on that side, but I could not see the shaft itself so I was not sure if it could have been a later addition. But that makes sense I guess. 

Actually, just wondering. Does the cooling shaft eventually lead into the PB?   Because when I did venture in the one time, I must have gone 10 meters or so in and there was still more.

On my visit to PB14; about 15 years ago most of it was covered in land slip so I wasn’ able to explore the site as some of you have done.  If the photograph is not PB14, are there any other candidates with a very similar setting? Keep up the good work.  Andrew