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Tue, 10/18/2016 - 18:59
Date picture taken


Interesting photo. The sign above reads Chinese Maritime Customs or Chinese Customs. But the photo I find difficult to place it in Hong Kong. Macau perhaps with the Portuguese African border guards ?

I had thought it was taken in the NT (Tgan said today another photo ''the photographer was likely somewhere in the Nam Shan Tung\Lai Chi Chong\Shek Uk Shan area''). My grandfather who is fourth from the left was inspecting schools after the war but think they were shown other areas of HK not just on the island. He also travelled to Singapore (as it became), Penang and Ceylon but the chinese writing suggests HK somewhere.  

Perhaps somewhere along the Sha Tau Kok road close to the border?

On second thought probably along the road to Lo Wu. See the below photo for Chinese Maritime Customs staff wearing similar uniforms on the HK-China border pre war:

China Maritime Customs officers - 1932 in Sum Chun
China Maritime Customs officers - 1932 in Sum Chun, by Bails