Mon, 10/17/2016 - 10:30

Street scene with several covered market stalls that look like tents.

© UMAG, Hong Kong

Date picture taken


Given there is a utility box in the left foreground and the photographer is above the level of the market, I guess there should be a staircase leading down to the market. So I don't think it is Yau Ma Tei. There is also a buidling with chimney tops in the residential area.

Greetings.  I cannot identify its location either, well before my time.  There are a few disjointed streets so my guess would be at/near Kansu St in Yau Ma Tai.  While most of the photos show HK streets, one was taken at Jordon Ferry.  These are 3-storey buildings and some with pitched roof so could be in the older neighbourhood Wan Chai perhaps.  There is a dentist sign but I guess it is too late to locate people who got their silver teeth there.  Regards, Peter

Dear Moddsey, 

Thank you very much for your reply. Really interesting to have this precise location. Does this book discusses any of the other photos I uploaded back in octobre? Long shot, but who knows... Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Sander