1962 Junction of Pei Ho Street and Ki Lung Street

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 05:17
Date picture taken


Greetings.   Pei Ho Street was already full of shops no doubt due to its proximity to the ferry dock.  Shops also lined along the adjacent and wider Nam Cheung Street. Five blocks up the road on the right side was Pei Ho Theatre where I watched several movies one of them the Tale of White Serpent.

Another street vendour market was on Poplar Street (still exists today) five blocks to the right of this photo just outside my home.  There, vendours set up shops on pavement without permit and fish sellers, mostly young men, were always on the lookout for policeman.  Sometimes they outran the police, and sometimes they got caught.  Tough way to earn a living!  I don't know about the fines. 

Notice in those days, one could see Lion Rock at street level.    Regards, Peter