Ocean Centre Hong Kong 1980

Fri, 08/12/2016 - 04:16

Text on Flickr:

Ocean Centre

Wing Woo Co Camera & Radio

Hard Rock Cafe


Date picture taken


I'm curious about the Flickr text suggesting that this shows the location of a Hard Rock Cafe. I assume this was prompted by the "Hard" sign on the right edge of the photo.

The Kowloon Hard Rock Cafe was located at 100 Canton Road (The Toy House) from 1994-2000, then at 30 Canton Road (Silvercord) from 2000-2008, both addresses out of the photo's view and time period, and I'm not aware of there ever being another location in TST.

Was a Hard Rock Cafe ever located here? If not, does anyone know what the "Hard" sign was for?