1954 KCR Train at Tai Po Market Station

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 18:49

Locomotive No. 51 'Sir Alexander' at Tai Po Market Station

Date picture taken


This KCR station is definitely not Yau Ma Tei (or Mong Kok).  This was the old Tai Po Market station, now the location of the Railway Museum. I know both the Yau Ma Tei and TPM stations well as I used to commute regularly between the two stations to my school in Kowloon. The YMT station has a curvature whereas the (old) TPM station tracks are dead straight.  This station area was one of my regular haunts – I used to fly kites on the headland near the locality.  See the sheltered waiting area on the left of the picture ?  You can see a narrow path behind it.  If you walked up that path in those days you could go up a small hill to look over the whole town, all 12 -15 streets in all of Tai Po Market!