CHG and CPG HK 1929 (May Road)

Thu, 07/21/2016 - 03:21

Text on Flickr: My father as a 5 year old with his father taken on May Road, The Peak, Hong Kong where they lived 1929 - 1932.

Can anyone identify the houses?

Date picture taken


If they are standing on May Road then I would venture the buildings are the current 5 (Magazine Court) and 9 (Rose Gardens) Magazine Gap Road. The hiuse on the ridge would be on Barker Road.

I'm not convinced that this is May Road. If the Road in the background was Magazine Gap, then it should point steeply upward towards #5, and not gently downward. In addition, there is another house in the far left, which doesn't appear on any map. 
i've checked a few blurry pictures of Magazine Gap, and the houses don't seem to match.
i wonder if it is up on the Peak, maybe Barker Road. However i can't see 4 houses that match this configuration (I might not be looking closely enough).  

In this series on Flickr by alexaspicer is another one from May Road (already uploaded to Gwulo some time ago):

Houses on May Road
Houses on May Road, by marlowe

Can this one help?

Not really, that's taken from the middle of May road and it the picture was of Magazine Gap, then it would be beyond the apartment building on the left.

At first glance I thought Barker Road, but it could be May Road. The photo would have been taken near #12 May Road (across from the Valverde and Aigburth) where there is a curve of a similar shape to the road pictured. Above the gentlemen's shoulder appears to be the Peak Tram, or some other similarly sloped cement. The 'road' to the building is likely just a driveway, thought it could be Tregunter Path. The retaining wall is similar to the one in the other photo of May Road.