1962 Causeway Bay - Western Entrance to Victoria Park

Wed, 05/11/2016 - 05:35

Junction of Gloucester Road and Causeway Road. Western entrance to Victoria Park on the right.

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Some observations:

1.    By there left of the photo there is a slide.  That was for the delivery of ice blocks from the mid levels of the ice house to a barge platform, then to boats for transportation.  Later when the 'canal' is filled up to make the Gloucester Road extension a covered conveyer system (running along Victoria Park) would be built to carry the ice blocks to the water front, next to the flyover., where it would be loaded onto transports.  This would continue until the ice house was demolished to make way of the Heng Lung Centre\Windsor House block.

2.    By the right just inside the Victoria Park there is the Public Toilet (the one with the water tank), a part stone part concrete building with opaque glass bricks   I think there is still a similar toilet\changing room of the time next to the Tennis Courts.