Hong Kong - The Peninsula

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 22:34

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My brother David and I stayed in the Peninsula Hotel during our week in Hong Kong. The hotel is in Kowloon, on the mainland side. Our room was on the side closest to the camera. It might have been on the fifth floor, closer to the front (left) than the back. We could see some of the harbor from our room. 

Some hotels sent Volkswagen buses to the airport for their guests. The Peninsula picked us up and returned us in a Lincoln Continental. The hotel had a large lobby. Several times during our stay, we had what I called our "colonialist lunch" in the lobby - smoked salmon and Japanese beer.

 The Peninsula was opened in 1928. It was the top hotel in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Hilton and Mandarin Hotels were competitors. A 30-story hotel addition and office tower was opened behind the original building in 1994, to the right in this photo.

Date picture taken
16 May 1967