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Fri, 01/29/2016 - 06:01

“Mercedes-Benz 190D, the built quality of this car looks so flimsy in compare with today's Toyota Crown, the technology has improved a lot in forty years.”                                          

It may seem the taxi of Mercedes-Benz was very rare even in 1960s considering its cost.And I guess it’s unable to find the taxicab of “Mercedes” in Hong Kong, today.

The taxicab service in Hong Kong was first officially recorded by the government in 1947 with 329 cars.Today, most of taxicabs in Hong Kong are Japanese cars, especially Toyota Crown Comfort, but historically, Standard, DeSoto Deluxe, Morris Oxford, Hillman Minx, Austin Cambridge, Mercedes W120 Ponton, Ford Anglia and Vauxhall Velox were used up to the 1960s. And since the 1970s, Japanese cars replaced the various European models used earlier. Among them, the Toyota Crown Comfort has accounted 99% of taxicabs in Hong Kong.

The taxi trade is regulated by the Government, as are the fare scales. Taxis need a license to operate in Hong Kong. The government stopped issuing licenses in 1994, when there were a total of 18,138 in the territory. Existing licenses are transferable, and are traded on the open market, which is rising steeply. So I guess the number of taxicab in Hong Kong is totally 18,138 still, at present.


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