Sun, 11/08/2015 - 12:01

Shanghai, not Hong Kong, but I have found a dress in my mother's closet with a note saying "1948" - when she made a trip from Hawaii to Shanghai and Hong Kong.  The label reads Fuerst's CREATIONS 55 Whangpoo Rd Shanghai China.

I found this snippet in the 上海商行錄 Shanghai Commerical Directory 1948-1948. This was a pleasure trip she had been saving for, for a long time, and she went with a girlfriend in Nov 1948, and not even marriage to my father and a baby on the way disuaded her. I saw in a letter she wrote about 15 years ago to a friend that she could hear the booming outside Shanghai as the war approached.

I am taking the liberty to post this here in case someone else bought clothes from this shop and can enlighten me.  The dress is black with gold brocade, long sleves, padded shoulders and a round matching handbag.

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