Pavement sellers

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 21:56

Somewhere in Aberdeen - possibly on Aberdeen Island Road? Thanks to T, this can now be identified as being at the eastern end of Wu Nan Street in Aberdeen.

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28 Jul 1981
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Hi there,

The beige with red rim & the bluish buildings at the back (upper right actually) could still be seen from the outdated street view (  That would make the photographer standing at Wu Nam Street, close to the corner.  The 來記燒味 (Loi Kee BBQ) is long gone.  That location used to be the water front, before the reclamation.


Hi T

Your detective work is excellent.  Yes, that building (and the ones on either side of it) is on both my photograph and the Google Street View one.  I'll up-date the title on mine.

Many thanks. Andrew