Hydrofoil to Macau 1981

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 16:49
Date picture taken
30 Jul 1981


Hey there Andrew,

Now with your 1981 photo set you are hooking up my nostalgia.  Back then my parents' worked in Macau and we had moved there, taking regular weekend trips back to Hong Kong.  For young kids like me the scariest ferry for this trip was the Hydrofoil.  I almost always saw someone getting badly seasick, myself included of course.  The slow, large ferries (Lo Shan, Tai Shan etc.) or the fast jetfoils (http://gwulo.com/atom/22508) were much more enjoyable. 


Hi Breskvar

When I spent a weekend in Macau in 1958, I took the overnight ferry, but I forget its name.  The most amazing thing was to see how the blue green waters of Hong Kong suddenly, within a few yards, turned to muddy brown as we crossed the estuary of the Pearl river.  I guess that with all the superfast ferries churnng the water up, the change is much less noticeable now.

Depending on how many more David wants me to upload, there are up to another 110 from 1981 and around 140 from 1987. Those that I took between 2000 and 2007 have still to acquire nostalgic creditability - if they ever do. It's interesting to notice how nostalgia, for some means the 1950s, while for others like yourself the 1980s are more important.  It would be foolish to believe that all the interesting things and places in Hong Kong have already disappeared, so the photographs that your generation are taking now will probably prove to be historically interesting in say fifty years' time.  So, keep taking photographs of what might seem at the moment to be all the mundane things all around you.  I wish I'd had enough money to take many more both in Hong Kong and also in England.

Best wishes


Andrew - actually the change in water colour is still quite obvious. HK's water's seem to be getting cleaner (believe it or not - but a ban on bottom dredging has helped) and Macau's seem to be getting increasingly browner. It was one of the things my kids noticed as well when we visited Macau in July.