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Sun, 08/30/2015 - 22:15

Garden Factory - Sham Teng / Tuen Muen?

Looking for help to identify these photos my grandfather took when he was in Hong Kong with the British Army in the 1950s. I've carried out some research by looking at old photos but with limited success. The photos have also been shared with a number of Facebook forums. I'm really grateful for any help anyone can give as my goal is to build an album showing my grandfather's photos against the modern day photos of our time in Hong Kong. 

Date picture taken


It was about the the same time I attended Tak Ching across the street.  These linen drying in the sun was part of the street scene.  Regards,  Peter

I was wondering what was drying in the sun. Do you know what the linen would have been used for?

As Peter the Old Timer says, these outdoor drying racks were part of the industrial street scene and quite common in the 1950's - and earlier - being used for drying the cloth after dying/washing/bleaching as part of the manufacturing process.

As land prices increased they became less and less.


I appreciate the photographer's inclusion of these fabrics.  Only when I saw this photo that the memoryof this scene, lost for six decades, would resurrect.  The young boy was fascinated by the fabrics and wondering if the grass beneath was touching them.  Looking at this photo is like a re-walk again.  The spot between the shadows on the sidewalk looks like spilled over white dye. Apparently the pedestrians were avoiding it, or the hot afternoon sun.