Central, Cricket ground from Cheero Club

Fri, 08/21/2015 - 18:29

The Cheero Club was housed in several single storey wooden huts built round the edges of the Murray barracks parade ground.  In 1958, Service personnel could get a bed there for $HK1 a night - the same rate as charged at the China Fleet Club on the Gloucester Road waterfront in Wan Chai.  In the long hut, overlooking the tram track and the cricket ground, the club had a dining room with good value meals, a barber's shop, a confortable lounge and a games room with snooker and table tennis tables.  It was an excellent place to stay whenever I had two days off work.  Brian is obviously expecting rain. A few years later, the Hilton Hotel was built on this site.  The edge of the cricket ground (now Chater Gardens) is visible on the middle right

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