Mid Levels & Peak residences-1969

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 15:29
Date picture taken
30 Jun 1969


Bracken Hill - 12 Barker Road (house immediately below Victoria House) is shown in both 1969 pictures that IDJ posted today.   

Abergeldie, the Standard Chartered Plantation Road house with the tennis court that I have been searching for, is vaguely visible along with Belvedere and Fung Shui (lowrise)

I think that is Cragside slightly above and to the left of Altadena, but pictures of Cragside from that era show that it should be a house with a red exterior.  Prior to the 1970s redevelopment, Altadena and Cragside were quite far apart on the road.

EDIT - On closer viewing, it seems Cragside is still visible in the picture.  I wrote earlier that the house had been demolished.