1929 SS Hai Ching after Pirate Attack

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 20:00
Date picture taken
1 Dec 1929


There are some more photos of the S.S. Hai Ching ( a.k.a. "Hai-Ching" ) after the 1929 piracy attack within a series of photographs taken in Hong Kong  taken by J.B. Kooters.

"moddsey" : brought this fine online collection to our attention in connection  with a motorcycle picture..

The J.B Kooters archive website can be accessed here

The captions misidentify the name of the ship as S.S. "Hai Chuig" , perhaps on account of difficulty reading the handwriting. But if you zoom-in on the ship's bow, you can read "Hai Ching":