Royal Naval Patrol Craft HMML 3510 on Patrol Pearl River West Hong Kong 1957

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 05:13

Between 1948 and 1958 there existed a Squadron of Royal Naval Patrol Craft.

Heavily armed Motor Launches patrolled the areas and islands around Hong Kong. They were a deterrent to strategic goods being smuggled to mainland China. In 1953 one such craft HMML 1323 encountered a Chinese Patrol craft which shelled them and seven crew members were killed. The craft managed to return to Tai'o harbour with the dead and the dying. There exists today an association of veteran Royal Navy Ratings, who served throughout this period in Hong Kong 1948-1958 numbetring some 100 members. They regularly remember their service and their times in Hong Kong with great affection. They meet twice per years at Reunions which brings these old  veterans great joy in recalling their time in 1950's Hong Kong.

Date picture taken
1 May 1957