1960s Honor Hotel

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 19:31
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This hotel appeared in a French movie "L'Inconnue de Hong Kong - Dalida (1963)". It was located at the Austin Road end of Pilkem Street (where the Pilkem Commercial Centre now stands)


According to 1967 年香港年鑑, the address of honor hotel (紅樓大酒店) was:

2-12 Pilkem Street (庇利金街)


honor_hotel_hong_lou_address.png, by simtang


The following was captured from a Cantonese movie probably in the 1960s. The hotel was constructed as a six-story building in 1947.  Each room has a bathroom, hot and cold water. There is also a lift. The owner was Mr. Fung Yat Cho. The hotel is adjacent to "Gogeda Food & Drinks Night Club". It was opened in 1947-2-9. Camera pointing south along Pilkem rd looking at the Austin rd junction.



honor_hotel_captured.png, by simtang


I guess that was taken from around outside Mercantile House of today? If my guess is correct, the vacant land next to it should be London Theatre (1962-1988), so this shot was taken before 1962.  Since one signboard was showing 紫釵記 (The Legend of Purple Hairpin), a local movie first aired in Feb 1959, so I guess this was shot between 1959-1960 but I lean towards 1959.