Kai Tak, 1969

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:38

An interesting photo of Kai Tak, taken in October,1969

Date picture taken
1 Oct 1969


BOAC B707 parked on the apron. Looks like work has begun on the extension of the passenger terminal and construction of airbridges to receive the wide-bodied jets for the following decades.

The aircraft that had the turbine disc come adrift while ground running .........
It was G-APFP and the engineers were running an engine that they had fixed, and had the opposite side one running as a comparison. The one being used for the comparison shed it compressor disc that cut into the wing and a huge fuel fire ensued.
The airplane was repaired using a wing from a retired TWA aircraft, and flew again for a few years before being sold to Boeing for $1 and then flown to Philadelphia where it was put in front of the Franklin Institute for many years before being scrapped to make way for a car park!!
The wing repair was a very intricate one, and a credit to those that did it as it flew just as well as the others in the fleet afterwards.