Group pictured outside Pokfulam Police Station in 1913

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:36
Date picture taken


This photo appears on a signboard outside the Pokfulam Reservoir Watchman's Cottage. Although the photo on the signboard has no caption, the rest of the signboard gives information about the Watchman's Cottage leaving the reader to presume that the photo is of the Watchman's Cottage. 

The same photo appears on Page 81 of "The Royal Hong Kong Police (1841-1945)", by Crisswell and Watson, with the following caption;

"Group pictured outside Pokfulam Police Station in 1918. The station at that time was commanded by a Sergeant, who would have lived in the station with his wife. Note the hangers (short swords) carried by the Luk-Kongs (Chinese constables), the use of which was discontinued soon after the First World War."

Appendix 1 of the same book states that Pokfulam Police Station was "occupied" in 1861, was "still in use after World War II" and later demolished.