Junction of Leighton Road and Morrison Hill Road

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:28

Taken from Air Raid Precaution Headquarters. View the original, larger copy of this image at the UWM website: http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agsphoto,16637

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Certainly changed a lot. That is presumably Craigengower cricket club on the right. The photo is taken from high up, I wonder what his vantage point was.

The white club house would be bombed later that year during the Japanese invasion, according to the club's web site

The four major clubs that occupied the Wong Nei Chong Recreation Grounds at the northern end of Happy Valley were:

a) Craigengower Cricket Club, white clubhouse, (cricket, tennis and lawn bowls);

b) Police Recreation Club, clubhouse and bridge over the nullah (cricket, tennis and lawn bowls);

c) Civil Service Cricket Club (cricket, tennis and lawn bowls) and

d) Hong Kong Football Club (football)

A map of the allotments and photos are available via the photo gallery (20th Century) at http://www.centaurscricket.com/20th-century.html


Hi Moddsey

I could be wrong but I think it's the light on the photo that makes it look like double tramlines on that section of Morrison Hill Road.

I've attached a photo taken from our verandah when we lived in 45 Morrison Hill Road (opposite the PRC) taken in 1956 and you'll see there's only the one line coming from the Race Course.

I've also attached a photo of the obelisk which was on the concrete divider - I'm pretty sure it's the Kuhlan obelisk but that's only going from the information I've read on Gwulo since I don't remember what the inscription on it said :)