Manchukuo Airlines (MKK) Ju86 Crash at Kwanti Racecourse on 5 September 1940

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Date picture taken
6 Sep 1940


In the expanded Harrison Forman photo collection, there are over 25 photos showing the captioned aircraft accident.

Notes from IDJ

The aircraft that crashed at Kwanti racecourse was actually a German built Junkers Ju86 of Manchukuo Airlines (MKKK) ie Manchurian, operating for the Japanese army. Three of these aircraft had set out from Taiwan for Canton but this one crashed in Hong Kong. Two of the crew were hospitalised for 3 and 4 weeks. The wreck was taken by rail to Kowloon and shipped on the 'Heiyo Maru' back to Dairen. MKKK had several JU86s that had been acquired in a barter arrangement with Germany for soya beans. The picture caption for this aircraft wreck in the book Wings over Hong Kong that identifies it as a Mitsibishi MC21 is incorrect. Something that was known shortly after the book went to print but impossible to correct unless it was republished.  

China Mail 6 September 1940

"The trip across the sea was made in heavy misty weather. Engine trouble developed in the vicinity of Shau Tau Kok and the machine began losing height. Due to the hills on the Chinese side of Mirs Bay, the pilot turned left and entered British territory. The plane cruised about 20 minutes looking for a landing site and finally tried to land on the Kwanti Racecourse at 3: 47 p.m. The machine crash landed. The right wing and engine which had failed were destroyed by fire."

My comments

It would appear from the photos that the left wing and left engine became detached and destoyed by fire.