Panorama (1 of 3) - where is photographer standing ?

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:19
Date picture taken


Hi there,

Took a peek at the three photos in original size.  I tend to believe the photographer was standing at somewhere around present day Hatton Road/Kotewall Road/Po Shan Road, above the present day HKU Campus.

My suggestion was based on line of sight of landmarks known to me:

1.    Peddar Street Clock Tower;

2.    Possibly Shelly Street Mosque;

3.   Stonecutter's Island;

4.   Tsingyi Island;

5.   St. John's Cathedral;

6.   The Government House;

I will try to pick up more information over the weekend.  Now I wish I have a 36" screen for viewing photos......

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Hi T,

I copied the 3 photgraphs, and did a check using the lines of sight, ..... and a MUCH later map. I think the photographer was behind Robinson Road, in line with Central Market.

Line up

1) Pedder St Clock Tower and North Point

2) the Cathrdral and Morrison's Hill

3) the Tower in the center ( I guess that's a church), and the waterfront in Hung Hom (big guess to imagine where the shoreline used to be  ;-)  )

I don't think from Po Shan Road, you could see as far around to the right as Wanchai, and Kennedy Road, because there's a hill in the way.

I could be wrong.