Peak Tram Area 1975

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:55

unusual shot

Date picture taken


Interesting image with some houses on Barker Road.

Top left is 31 Barker Road (2nd generation Richmond House?) [c.1952-c.1999]

Top center is 455 The Peak, R.B.L. 150 [1920-1980]

Center (a bit closer) is 41 Barker Road (Barker Villa) [1974- ]

Behind the tram is Peak Tram - Plantation Road / Barker Road Station [????- ]

Left of the station is Glenshiel - Epworth Lodge (1949) [????- ]

Right hand side is Findlay Road and Lion's Pavilion (under construction)

I suggest to add the places.

I think left of 41 Barker Road is the place where Tantallon stood. It's not visible, either it's behind or has been demolished.