Branksome Towers

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:39
Date picture taken


Thinking on it now, It's probably later than 1971, possibly 1973, when the building on May Road was demolished.

In the Trees at the bottom, we have Clovelly Court (built 1954),  and the building on the left is Abermor Court (built 1931).

I think the small building next to Branksome Towers is called Ava Mansions.

The picture was taken from the 3rd floor of Luginsland on 18 Old Peak Road.

Hi Liz,

I only went there once in the 60's, I had a school friend who was living there, but I don't remember going in.

It was built with 12 flats, but was modified in 1947 (according to the April 25th China Mail)  to divide the larger flats, to create another 6 flats.


Anyone would have a clue of the structures on the slope behind the Branksome Towers now?

There is a small network of some some unnamed structures on a old building base according to geoinfo map/street map (possibly Branksome Tower remains/miltary related?). I had a site visit recently but construction was going on so I can't go inside.