Macau..Portuguese Style Hotel

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:55

Picture of me walking back to the hotel.Anyone remember the place?

Date picture taken


Pretty sure it is the Macau Inn..opposite was the Governor's Residence..The 'Inn' was renowned for its culinary delights-sadly demolished in the 1970s.

When I was around six or seven, my parents and I visited Macau and stayed at Hotel Carmen, named after the owner of the hotel.  After she died, I believe the hotel was sold and renamed.  I was unable to find any information on the internet about the history of this hotel when it was originally Hotel Carmen but definitely recognize the building and side street from the photos shown.  

I have several photos of us taken at this very hotel and enjoying breakfast and tea on the front porch. We had a room on the upper level with a balcony facing the side street and main entrance. I remember meeting Carmen who might have lived at the hotel when she ran it.  I also remember a small park within walking distance of the hotel where I went with my father a few times and enjoyed the swings and slide.  I am hoping someone else might remember this hotel in its earlier life as Hotel Carmen.

Mike, I really appreciated seeing the two hotel photos which brought back a lot of happy memories.  Thanks also for the wonderful and nostalgic photos you and your father took.  

Angie...thank you for your kind words,glad you enjoyed the old pictures,and the memories they evoke.

Seems odd looking at myself so many years ago!

Regards Mike

Thanks, philk, for the link to the blog about this hotel.  I tried for a long time to find some information on the internet about the hotel when it first opened as Hotel Carmen, but was unsuccessful.  I know the hotel was better known as the Macau Inn in its later life.  I did post a few photos my father took of the hotel when we stayed there in 1950 as well as some information a historian friend shared with me.