Beatles 'go home'1964

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 01:09

Readers have to take my word for the photo.....taken on a 'return' to their 'Liverpool' home in summer of 1964( think venue was the 'Town Hall').The 'other musicians' are members of the then Liverpool City Police Band.The head(top of@ bottom,centre) belonged to the Director(my father ...).

Date picture taken
10 Jul 1964


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Yes this was on the 10th of July 1964 at the Liverpool Town hall. My Grandad is to the right of your Dad!! His name is Ken Hewitt and he played the French Horn in the band. If you have any more pics of the Police Band with the Beatles, please let me know!

Gregg :)

I am a history research student in the University of Hong Kong.I am currently also preparing a research project about the youth cultures in Hong Kong in the sixties, in which the Beatles visit to Hong Kong will be a central part of my research. As a result, I am also looking for materials and people that is related to the Beatles visit to Hong Kong in 1964. Do you have any materials related to that event or do you happen to know anyone that was related to or took part in the event?It would be very valuable for my research and I would be very grateful.