Basket ball court inside Wanchai Govt School

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:56

The group photo was taken in 1953 to bid farewell to the Head Master, Mr Chan Fung Kee, who was promoted to Education Inspector.  All members of teaching staff are sitting in the middle, and all students are standing around in the open basket ball court.   The roof the pavilion can be seen at the background.   On the right side of the photo is the school classroom.   There is a shed over the side of the wall as a protection of rainfall.

Wanchai Govt School was a boys' school.  You could not find girl students in the group photo.

Date picture taken
31 Jul 1953


Thanks to the Wanchai School alumni of 1957 who sent me their group photos showing (1) the main iron gate and the banyan tree (note  -- one can see the street number plate on the column -- 269 Queen's Road East), and (2) the foreground of the school, and the banyan tree at the background.  Note a flag staff is at the extreme right of the photo.


Wanchai Govt School main gate at QRE
Wanchai Govt School main gate at QRE, by Edmond
Wanchai Govt School foreground + banyan tree
Wanchai Govt School foreground + banyan tree, by Edmond