Stanley beach

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:55

Can anyone confirm this..or redirect me.

Date picture taken
4 Apr 1961


I agree with Moddsey. This pic is of Stanley Main Beach but needs to be flipped. The large oblong, white, building just back from the shore in the centre of the photo is the Hong Kong Sea School, also seen here;…

I believe the building still stands today, but is now obscured from view from the beach by newer buildings infront of it.

Thanks David for flipping the picture of Stanley....need to get my scanner up&running had a few problems with the laptop.


That building mentioned is indeed still there and is the Hong Kong Sea School. Immediately above, a series of red roofs can be seen. I believe those to be part of St Stephen's Boys School. To the far left of the picture is Stanley Prison