Shop Opening...Waterloo Road

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:52
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This decoration is for the Grand Opening of a Restaurant called Chong Yuen Lau (狀元樓大飯店).  The actual name of the restaurant was still covered in drapes in the photo.  Probably waiting for the guest of honour for the ceremony.   I don't see Firecrackers anywhere, which was still popular before 1967.

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On the bottom left of the photo, just beside the door of the new restaurant, there is a place called 影城大酒店, with words in red.  I can't find any information of that place on the net, and wonder if anyone knows anything about it.


Greetings, allow me to join in.  The stretch of Prince Edward Road east of Stirling Road is quite short, about one city block.  I tried to compare this photo with one of the Prince Hotel's -  . None of the windows on that photo matches the types shown here.  This restaurant might be further up towards the corner at Stirling but not visible on the photo, or west of Stirling, or built after tearing down the then-existing home.  There appears to be a road on the right edge of this photo and possibly Waterloo Road as the heading says.

The tree line and the style of homes tell it is on the south side of Prince Edward Road, as the north side were shophouses.  Regards, Peter