Cathay Convair880 KaiTak

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:45
Date picture taken
4 Apr 1968


Heres an interesting link to the website of Chic Eather and the early days of Cathay Pacific.

Chic was there nearly all of the way from the inception of CPA, and was flying these Convairs by the time of his retirement in the mid 70's...

Its also coincidentally the anniversary of the CPA crash at Braemar Reservoir 25 Feb 1949.

Chic is even listed as having attended the funeral of the first officer and radio operator a few days later at Happy Valley Colonnial Cemetery, just to put his CPA service into perspective!

To consider he is still living on the Australian Gold Coast, with his own website up and running is surely a measure of the man! Full on and no mistake...