Argyle Street

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:45
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the building under construction on the corner is mandarin court.  they were really nice big flats.   people who lived there (apart from a few school mates) included the radio presenter ralph pixton.  i always wished i could have lived there, precisely because it was nearer to school!!!

I'm saddened to hear that St.George's Court,Kadoorie avenue is to be pulled down.I was indeed lucky to have lived there for many years in those wonderful flats.The present residents are all having to relocate and my son's godparents have just left their flat after some 60years of being there.I understand they intend to build smaller flats there instead,but it seems a great shame.The views from the flat were wonderful,looking towards Argyle street,KaiTak,across Kowloon,and DBS and Lion rock.