United Night Club, 1972

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:09

Here is another recently scanned photo from the original negative-what a difference in quality to the old,faded photos I scanned on my printer a while back-this one is sharp and crisp, looking like it was just taken yesterday. Seeing how early in the evening it was, I must have taken this one, and then walked a short way down Lockhart to the San Francisco to have a drink (or two). By the time I came out of there, it was getting dark, and I took the last photo on the roll looking back down the street from in front of the SF (that would be the damaged photo I just posted)

Date picture taken
9 Jul 1972


Hi ghere,

This is around the area in Lockhard Road, eastbound, where it had a slight turn.  I believe I have seen this photo, or a similar one here before.  Two of the shop houses (the red pillars on the left) showned in the photo still exist.

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Yes, I posted a number of photos I took in Wanchai in '72, including one that was almost the same as this one. I recently had this original negative digitally scanned, where the older photos I posted here were just scans of the old 3x5 photos done on my printer. The difference is really amazing, especially when looking at the full 7MB scan, instead of this one reduced to fit the 4.88MB limit for this site. I'm going to send off the rest of my negs to have them "freshened up" also.