Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:04

Detail cropped from this photo.

Date picture taken


I guess the "sticks" or batons are held by the four patrol leaders and show which patrol each represents: Elf; Pixie  etc. My memory fails me on different categories of Brownie, but I know I was an Elf and had to sew an Elf badge on to my Brownie uniform. Four patrols with about six Brownies in each would be about right. There seem to be 26 Brownies in the picture with two Girl Guides standing next to 'Brown Owl' who was in charge of the pack + 'Tawny Owl', her second in command, further around the circle. Holding up the emblems on the patrol batons would help the members of the pack to assemble quickly behind their respective leaders in the right patrols. We didn't have these patrol batons in our pack, so this is a guess and I'm happy to be corrected by Brownie experts.