1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:02
Date picture taken


Doug's photo was taken from the eastern end of Deep Water Bay beach, close to where the bbq site is today, across the Bay to Shouson Hill. Mount Cameron is visible in the background through the saddle between the twin summits of the Hill. The VRC is on the shoreline.

Shouson Hill from Deep Water Bay

I am somewhat surprised that don't see Kai Villa, 10 Shouson Hill Road East in this picture because it looked like a 1960s style house before it was renovated within the last ten-years.  It would have been over the right corner of No. 71.

I don't know what architectural style it would have been considered, but the pre-reno house was similar to the house in TVB's The Giants.

I just saw that there is indeed a place for Kai Villa.  It didn't come up on a search yesterday.  I will move the comment I just posted here to that page.

Difficult to make out what the pre-1972 version of No. 35 Deep Water Bay looked like from this picture.  I have seen a picture of it somewhere, though it was not taken up close.